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SRQ carries anything you could want for your windows – Like blinds, drapes & shutters. And when it comes to the best selection of high-quality custom blinds in Sarasota FL, look no further.

Blinds are the perfect window treatment option for people who want maximum control of their view out the window. These days, you have more window blind choices than ever before. At SRQ Custom Blinds and Drapes Sarasota, we carry a complete selection of custom window blinds and drapes in Sarasota FL. Our experienced window treatment consultants can help you select the window blinds that are right for you! We also offer vertical blinds in Sarasota. Great for taller windows, glass doors and more, vertical blinds offer a completely different look from standard horizontal blinds.

SRQ Custom Blinds and Drapes is committed to being the favorite blinds company in Sarasota. You will find that our team is here to get the custom blinds in Sarasota FL at the best prices. There is nothing that makes us happier than knowing we helped someone find the living space or office space of their dreams.

Commercial Blinds & Shades Sarasota FL

SRQ Custom Blinds and Drapes has introduced many of the most innovative commercial blinds and shades on the market today. Storefronts, restaurants, hotels, health care facilities, and office buildings are just a few examples of commercial window treatments for businesses here in Sarasota FL. At SRQ Custom Blinds and Drapes, we carry a full line of commercial blinds & shades to help businesses control light and privacy and improve energy efficiency. Our office window blinds & shades are constructed to minimize environmental impact while meeting the highest standards for commercial, industrial, institutional, and commercial installations. Commercial blinds & shades do more than just cover your windows.

SRQ: High Quality Custom Window Blinds & Drapes Sarasota FL

 At SRQ BLINDS & DRAPES , we have the latest in technology……    

 Motorized window coverings Control your blinds and shutters with a smartphone or tablet!


 Covering all your window needs

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Custom Drapes Sarasota FL

Whether it is your living room, bedroom, or your personal office at work, the right set of custom drapes can really make the space unique. From warm, soft draperies that look inviting to cool, modern designs of curtains that feel relaxing in nature, SRQ Covered has what you want. We are the favorite custom blinds and draperies company in Sarasota for so many people. Why not discover what we can do for your home, too? Whatever custom blinds and drapery you want, we will be certain to find something that fits your tastes and budget.

Our Sarasota draperies can be used to block harmful UV rays from fading your books, carpet, and supplies, while also being a fantastic piece of decor. At SRQ Custom Blinds and Drapes Sarasota, we work closely with you to ensure you get the aesthetic you want for your office & home. When our technician arrives to install custom drapes in Sarasota, you’ll see why Sarasota consistently turns to SRQ Custom Blinds and Drapes for their blinds and drapery needs. Our team is experienced and professionally trained in blinds & drapes, which means we can offer top-notch service for the best price.

No matter what types of blinds, Shades & drapes you go with, we’ll tailor them to your windows. For more information about custom blinds, shades & drapes in Sarasota. Please call @941-704-6570 for a Free In-Home consultation!